Regional Advisory Council

The Regional Advisory Council is composed of one representative for each of the three districts in the Missouri Region. Each council member serves to provide guidance to the Region's chapter advisors in matters concerning each chapter.

The Regional Advisors would welcome your contact!

Regional Advisory Councilors

Phi District

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Kevin Dixon

I teach Biology courses at East Central College in Union, and has been an advisor for Chi Delta chapter since July 1995. I grew up in Cave-in-Rock, IL, a very small town along the Ohio River with a colorful history. My hometown’s name is from the French phrase “Caverne Dans le Roc,” which literally translates as “Cave in the Rock.” The cave was used for nefarious activities as westward migration happened in the 1800’s. The cave itself has a cameo of its own during the first hour of the old movie “How The West Was Won,” and several big-time Hollywood stars stayed locally during filming in and around the area. My wife, Melanie, and I were high school classmates (and sweethearts), and we will celebrate our 30th anniversary in August. We have two daughters; Bethany, and ECC and Phi Theta Kappa alumna; and Casi, who is working on degrees at both ECC and St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley.

Right out of high school I attended a small community college where I joined Phi Theta Kappa as a member before graduating with an Associate of Science degree. I transferred to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Microbiology and a Master of Science degree in Biological Sciences. I came to Missouri for my job, and have been at ECC since January 1992. I am also a member (and charter member) of the Missouri Alumni Association.

Through my work with Phi Theta Kappa I’ve had the privilege of attending the International Convention in many cities around the country, as well as three Honors Institutes. I was a Faculty Scholar for the 2000 Institute at University of San Diego, and again in 2002 at Furman University (Greenville, SC).

I am an avid outdoorsman. I love to hunt and fish on as many days as I can throughout the year, and enjoy hiking where my balky knees allow. I am a volunteer instructor for the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Hunter Education and Bowhunter Education programs, and have well over 1000 hours served as a volunteer. I am the lead AV person and am a member of our pastor’s advisory board at The Rock NT Church in Union. In my “spare time” you can find me behind my dSLR camera, where I love shooting pictures of sunsets and scenes in nature. I also love astrophotography, and have spent many evenings shooting pictures of stars, planets, the Space Station, and the Milky Way.

Oh, oh, oh…I forgot…

I bleed Cardinals Red from April through October and root for the Blues during the winter while waiting for baseball season to begin anew each spring.

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Theta District


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