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Regional Officer Speech Requirements

Many candidates choose to appoint a campaign manager to assist them in preparing for the International Officer Campaign. It is not a requirement that each candidate has a campaign manager; however, if one is appointed, he/she must be a provisional or active member of Phi Theta Kappa (enrolled in a two-year college).

Only ONE distributable information piece may be used by each candidate. No other items may be distributed. The “distributable information piece” may be a brochure, newsletter or flier of any size which will be distributed to delegates at the Regional Convention. The item should contain the candidate’s name, office he/she is seeking, and information about the candidate (e.g., his/her qualifications for Regional Office, awards received, chapter/ regional offices held, etc.). Please use recycled paper for printed matter if possible.

Each candidate will be given one table to serve as the campaign booth, and candidates may add any booth decorations in good taste. Decoration of the campaign booth is left to the imagination and discretion of the candidates. Please note that balloons are not allowed.

The candidates will present speeches on the 2019-2019 Honors Study Topic, Transformations: Acknowledging, Assessing, and Achieving Change. The candidate speeches will be presented during the Second General Session on Saturday, March 9th. This speech MUST NOT be presented as a “campaign speech.” Instead it should be presented as an opportunity to speak on the Honors Study Topic. When preparing their Honors Study Topic speeches, candidates should refer to the Honors Program Guide.

Chapter advisors and chapter presidents also receive a copy of the Honors Program Guide in the mail.

All Honors Study Topic speeches are limited to THREE minutes and are strictly timed; time begins with the candidate’s first utterance. After two minutes and thirty seconds, a candidate will be given a signal that only thirty seconds remain. Candidates will not be allowed to continue after three minutes. Candidates should remember to allow for audience reactions (applause, laughter, etc.) when practicing the timing of their speeches.

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Regional Coordinator: Josephine Fritts
Associate Regional Coordinator: Steve Fritts

Missouri Regional Officers:

President: Priscilla Nakkungu
Vice President of the Phi District: Timothy Vanderheyden
Vice President of the Theta District: Hannah White
Vice President of the Kappa District: Andrea James
Vice President of Communications: Hannah Duckworth

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