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Missouri Golden Opportunity Scholarship

Modeled after Phi Theta Kappa’s Golden Opportunity Scholarship, the Missouri Golden Opportunity Scholarship was created to help offset the cost of membership in Phi Theta Kappa.

All prospective members within the Missouri Region are eligible including those who have already joined their chapter as a provisional member.

Applications will be accepted in both the fall and spring semesters each academic year. The Missouri Alumni Association (MAA) will award up to $80 to each recipient (award will not exceed cost of membership). There will be up to three awards per semester.

Eligibility: Any student within the Missouri Region who is on an active chapter’s current membership eligibility list is eligible for this scholarship (including provisional members). Priority will be given to those with financial need. Students may be nominated by a third party (i.e. advisors, chapter officers). Holding a degree of any level will not impact eligibility.

How to Apply The scholarship application must be completed and submitted along with a copy of the student’s completed Phi Theta Kappa membership application. At least one of recommendation is required, though more can be submitted. An optional personal statement can be included. The fall application packets must be received no later than November 10 and the spring application packets must be received no later than April 10.

Process: Completed applications and supporting materials will be reviewed by the MAA Scholarship Committee. Winners will be confirmed by the MAA Board. Winners and their advisors will be notified by email. Awards will be distributed by returning the membership application and a check to the chapter advisor (by mail). Check will be made out to the chapter. Applying for this scholarship does not guarantee award. Award total will be up to $80. NOTE: If the membership fee totals less than $80, the award will be for the total amount of the membership. If the membership fee totals more than $80, the award will be for $80 and the applicant is responsible for any remaining balance.

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Regional Coordinator: Josephine Fritts
Associate Regional Coordinator: Steve Fritts

Missouri Regional Officers:

President: Priscilla Nakkungu
Vice President of the Phi District: Timothy Vanderheyden
Vice President of the Theta District: Hannah White
Vice President of the Kappa District: Andrea James
Vice President of Communications: Hannah Duckworth

HQ Support

Membership Services Specialist, Division III
Paige Still

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